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We specialize in cleaning all types of facades from algae and mold (green and black coatings), we clean deposits of soot, smog, dust and other impurities. Subsequent protection of the facade usingnano impregnation with a guarantee of up to 7 years! 

Algae, mold, smog, dust

Cleaning facades is our domain and we know exactly what it is the most effective and at the same time gentlest cleaning method. We always clean facades chemically, so as to remove 100% of atmospheric and organic impurities, including their germs! 


Then we clean the facade with water at a maximum pressure of 60 bar. We will then treat and impregnate the facades that have been cleaned in this waywhich your facade protects through the formation of algae and mold for several years!


Our services are intended for everyone, whether it is a small house, an apartment building, or a company building.We have our own working platform with a reach of 28 m.We can handle an eight-story apartment building without any problems. In the case of taller buildings, we work with platforms from our contractual partners, or we provide suspended gangways.


Under no circumstances should you entrust your facade to someone who does not clean it chemically, but only with water! Whoever tells you that chemistry is not needed and that it can be replaced by hot water, send him away immediately!  Hot water will soften the facade and wash away the paint too much! Every facade paint and system manufacturer will confirm that hot water does not belong on the facade! Cleaning facades, using a disc with a set of nozzles, is also not a happy solution. You have to wash the facade constantly in front of your eyes during cleaning, and the disc does not allow you to do that. Before you know it, there is a hole in the facade!

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It's not just about aesthetics!

The fact that the facade is dirty usually means that it is biologically attacked. One of the most widespread problems is the appearance of algae and mold. However, it is necessary to realize that it is not only a problem of an aesthetically unacceptable appearance!


A dirty facade presents several other risks. The intensive occurrence of mold on the surface of the facade also represents a health risk. It is a threat especially to people with allergies, because mold or their disputes, the windows get into apartments during ventilation and have a negative effect on the human body!

Impregnation of facades

After cleaning, it is necessary to impregnate the facade so that the facade regains the protective properties that it has lost over time.

Impregnation gives the facade completely new, protective properties. Afterapplication of impregnation, the facade acquires hydrophobic properties thanks to which repels water and prevents the formation of humidity. Moisture is the main reason for the formation of algae, mold and moss on the facade. Impregnation substantially reduces the adhesion of dirt on the facade, increases the resistance of the facade against weather effects such as temperature fluctuations, sunlight, frost, rain, etc. Impregnation significantly strengthens the surface of the facade and increases its mechanical resistance, which you will appreciate in places with frequent gusts of wind.

Before impregnation, we offer chemical treatment of the facade 

a preparation that soaks into the facade, It creates a  protective film that protects the facade in the long term against the re-growth of algae, fungi, cyanobacteria and mosses. 

The combination of these two types of protection guarantees here the best possible protection of the facade.

We provide a warranty of up to 7 years for impregnations.

The price of washing the facade?

The price of washing the facade is very individual and is influenced by many factors. For example, the age of the facade, degree of pollution, sizesize of the area, access for the platform, height of the house, etc. 


If you contact us by phone, by e-mail or through inquiry form, we will prepare a free, non-binding quotation for you.


Facade we are able to target using online maps and you don't have to wait long for an offer.

We are trying to work out offersand send by the next day.It will help us a lot if you send us photos of the current state of the facade.

Indicative price list 2023

Facade washing and impregnation

110 - 130 CZK/m²


Facade washing and impregnation

110 - 130 CZK/m²


Facade washing, chemical treatment + impregnation

  150 - 170 CZK/m²


Facade washing, chemical treatment + impregnation

  150 - 170 CZK/m²


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