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Long-term protection against slipping on wet surfaces. We can change any pavement into a non-slip one. We offer a  permanent and functional solution that fits into the majority wet operations. The application becomes part of the surface. 


Anti-slip, as we professionally call this technology, is the perfect protection against slipping on a wet surface. The technology does not require any construction modifications. We are able to clean and treat 400 m of paving in a day, which you can start using the next day.

It is not a coating that peels off, washes off or wears off over time. The anti-slip treatment becomes part of the paving, so its lifespan depends on the resistance of the material itself. Anti-slip is primarily intended for natural materials such as paving, granite, marble, etc. We know from practice that these materials are very durable and do not just go away!


Because the anti-slip becomes part of the materials, its mechanical or chemical resistance does not change. After treatment, the surface can be cleaned chemically or mechanically, without damaging the anti-slip treatment and the surface itself.


  • It does not change the appearance of the surface

  • Becomes part of the surface (does not peel off)

  • Long-term and durable protection

  • It does not require any construction modifications

  • Surface canafter editing machine, brush and chemical clean

  • The risk of slipping is significantly reduced

  • After application, the surface will receive at least a class classification. C

  • Can be used in food processing plants

Wet areas

Works great where there is a risk of slipping on a wet surface.

Classification up to class C

The highest degree of anti-slip you can achieve! You will significantly increase the safety of people against slipping!


  • ceramics

  • granite

  • mosaic

  • terrazzo

  • slate

  • glazed bricks

  • smooth concrete

  • enameled bathtubs

  • basalt

  • other mineral surfaces


  • swimming pools, water parks, wellness

  • showers and bathtubs

  • bathrooms

  • staircase

  • restaurant

  • hotels

  • kitchen

  • schools and kindergartens

  • nursing homes

  • medical facilities

  • production operations

  • shopping centers

  • wineries, breweries, distilleries


It is important for the application that the surface is thoroughly cleaned and degreased.  We will remove all impurities from the floor, such as old dirt, grease, human skin residues, scale and residues of cleaning agents. When applying in wellness facilities and swimming pools, we make sure that all impurities released from the surface are vacuumed and do not get into the pool and pool filtration.


As soon as the surface is thoroughly cleaned and degreased, the process of anti-slip paving treatment begins. NF AntiSlip is applied to the surface by our specialist, which chemically changes the structure of the paving and makes it non-slip. 


Subsequently, the chemical process is completed and neutralized with water and subsequently sucked from the surface. This completes the entire process and the tile is ready for use.


Anti-slip tapes
Tapes are a common solution, but their downside is that they often peel, tear, and most importantly, look unsightly!

Anti-slip coatings
The disadvantage of non-slip coatings is that they have poor mechanical resistance. They get worn or scratched easily. In addition, it also changes the appearance!

Non-slip mats
​Frequent solution in showers, bathrooms and dressing rooms. Under the mats, and especially in the mats, mold forms, which spreads from foot to foot!


Replacement of paving for a new one​
Another option, and also the most expensive and time-consuming one, is to replace the unsatisfactory paving with a new anti-slip one.

The price of anti-slip treatment?

Many factors affect the exact price of anti-slip paving. For example, the type of pavement, the degree of soiling of the pavement, the fragmentation of the space, etc. 


If you contact us by phone, by e-mail or through inquiry form, we will prepare you a free, non-binding price offer. 

Indicative price list 2023

Surface preparation 

    70 - 80 CZK/m²

Deep cleaning and degreasing surfaces before application

Surface preparation 

    70 - 80 CZK/m²

Deep cleaning and degreasing surfaces before application

Surface preparation 

    70 - 80 CZK/m²

Deep cleaning and degreasing surfaces before application

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