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We carry out industrial cleaning of halls from floor to ceiling. We can deal with any type of pollution. 

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Cleaning the ceiling of the industrial hall
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Cleaning of hall cladding

We perform cleaning of the inner and outer shell of production halls, including ceilings.

In most cases, these are trapezoidal sheets, plastic lining. We also offer dusting of plaster or masonry and subsequent painting.

Cleaning inside the hall, it takes place using the dry method. That is by applying cleaning chemicals to the surface and wiping with rags, or using hot steam. We choose this procedure because of the elimination of air humidity, which could devalue production, cardboard packaging, or production equipment and CNC machines.

Washing and cleaning of the outer shell or facade takes place in the classic way. Chemical application and subsequent rinsing using a pressure washer with adjustable pressure. You will find the way we clean facades here.

The removal and disposal of waste generated during cleaning is a matter of course.

Nano Fusion - čištění haly

Dusting the halls

We remove dust using powerful industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power. We choose this route so that dust does not spread throughout the operation. We dust off all structures, heat distribution, air conditioning, cable bundles, lights, cranes, crane tracks and other elements according to the customer's wishes.

We can also clean hard-to-reach places using climbing equipment and safety straps.

We also vacuum dust from sawdust in wood processing operations.

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Cleaning of industrial floors

We clean floors using machinery and highly effective chemicals with high cleaning and degreasing power. The chemistry we use is highly effective and, thanks to the large content of cleaning surfactants, pulls grease and all dirt from the floor.


  • Cleaning floors from traces of manipulation techniques tires and other dirt

  • Paint removal

  • Removing floor markings

  • Repair of holes in shelving systems

  • In cooperation with a partner company, we will also provide traffic and industrial floor markings.

What is the cost of cleaning?

An inspection of the site is always necessary for industrial cleaning. Many factors determine the price. Therefore, if you are interested in cleaning, please contact us by phone, by e-mail or through inquiry form


It will help us a lot if you send us photos.

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