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Thanks to our experience, we can clean all types of tiles and floors. We know exactly how to proceed and what is appropriate and effective choose the cleaning system. We perform impregnation pavements and reviving coatings with high resistance and long life!

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Mosses, lichens, deposits and grease

We will remove your pavement moss, lichen, grease, oil or oil stains  and other hard-to-remove impurities. Where others run out of breath, we step in!

We offer deep cleaning of outdoor and indoor tiles and other types of floor coverings. Thanks to our experience, we know which cleaning system to choose. We always clean chemically in combination with a high-pressure washer. As needed, we regulate the pressure (max. 300 bar) and water heating up to 100°C. 


We have equipment that allows us to clean industrial and commercial buildings as well. With the help of the nozzle system and the simultaneous extraction of water, there is no "flood" after us. The water is immediately sucked out and pumped over to IBC container. Subsequently we will take the container to ecological disposal.

We clean, impregnate and paint:

  • terraces

  • sidewalks

  • parking garages

  • parking

  • gas station

  • shopping centers

  • production halls


Impregnation coatings

We only impregnate surfaces using high-quality and durable impregnations. These impregnations have several important properties. Above all, they strengthen the surface so that it does not crumble on the surface, protect against the absorption of water and oils, and prevent the formation of mosses and lichens. Impregnation is transparent and heras it does not fundamentally change the original appearance surface. Impregnation is vapor permeable and allows the surface to breathe.


We offer several types of impregnations from classic hydrophobic, oleophobic up to impregnation with resistance to aggressive liquids.


  • Increase in mechanical resistance. (we have a certificate)

  • Resistance to water and oils

  • It slows down the growth of moss and lichen

  • Reduces dirt adhesion.

  • Easy surface maintenance.

  • It slows down the aging process.

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Revitalizing coatings

Revitalizing coatings above all, they give the surface a healthy and fresh appearance.These coatings are characterized by very high resistance, protection against water, oil and petroleum drops, and also prevent the formation of mosses, algae and lichens. They ensure easy maintenance of the surface. They are mobile and can withstand heavy loads. A huge advantage is that can consolidate and wrap the sand between tiles. Thanks to this, moss does not form in the joints!



  • Color revitalization of the finish

  • Highly stain resistant

  • Resistant to chemicals and oils

  • It strengthens the sand between the tiles

  • UV resistance: protects tiles from color loss

  • Does not flake off

  • Will not be damaged by pressure

  • Tire stain resistance

  • Significantly reduces the growth of weeds, mosses and algae

  • Reduces ant infestation

  • Resistant to human and dog urine

The price of cleaning the pavement?

The price varies slightly for each type of interlocking paving. Some interlocking paving stones are in a very bad condition and restoring them to their original gloss is a challenging task. Sometimes it is enough to lightly wash the interlocking tiles with pressurized water. The price of impregnation and reviving coatings depends on the absorbency of the substrate.


If you contact us by phone, by e-mail or through inquiry form, we will prepare a free, non-binding quotation for you.


It will be very helpful if you send us a photo of the current state of the paving.

Indicative price list 2023

Washing the pavement light soiling 

    30 - 40 CZK/m²

Paving cleaning using chemistry and pressure water.

Washing of pavement medium soiling 

    60 - 70 CZK/m²

Paving cleaning using chemistry and pressure water. 2-3 cycles of repeating the cleaning process to achieve required result.

Washing the pavement heavy pollution 

  80 - 100 CZK/m²

Paving cleaning using chemistry and pressurized water. 4-6 cycles of repeating the cleaning process to achieve required result.

Hydrophobic impregnation 

    50 - 60 CZK/m²

Surface protection against water and moisture. Delays the process recreating mosses and lichens on the surface. 

Revitalizing paint 

120 - 140 CZK/m²

Protects the pavement against water and oils. High mechanical resistance. It hardens and wraps the sand between the tiles. Prevents the formation of moss in the joints.

Revitalizing coating - polyurethane varnish

340-360 CZK/m²

Protection against water, oils, acid and other chemicals. Resistant coating against the formation of traces from tires. This is the TOP solution on the market!

Addition of sand to the pavement joints

        CZK 800/hour

Labor + material

Addition of sand to the pavement joints

        CZK 800/hour

Labor + material

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