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"Hall of Fame"

Here you will encounter what we refer to as the most difficult cases. We are confident that these demonstrations will convince you of our ability to do truly amazing things in cleaning and revitalizing your properties.

Washing the facade in Kobylnice

This project was a real master challenge for us. The facade we were working on was literally covered in everything - algae, mold, cyanobacteria, grease, dust and smog. But with careful work and determination, we were able to clean it perfectly. The result is so stunning that we really don't need to add any comment... After cleaning, sanitation and protective impregnation with the addition of biocide was carried out.

​Cleaning the roof in Brandýs nad Labem

In the town of Brandýs nad Labem, we were faced with a difficult challenge - to clean and impregnate the roof covering, which had already served its twenty years. We admit, even the owners did not expect such a breathtaking result as we managed to achieve. The roof literally got twenty years younger! Finally, we treated the covering with an impregnation enriched with biocide, thanks to which the roof will remain clean for as long as possible.

Washing, rehabilitation and impregnation of a panel house in Hlubočky

In Hlubočky - Mariánské údolí in the Olomouc region, we were asked to do a difficult task - to wash, sanitize and impregnate an eight-story panel house covering an area of 2400m2. The facade of the house, which after 17 years already looked rather menacing, needed our professional care. Judge the result of our efforts for yourself. During our work, we used a car platform with a reach of 28 m, and the total implementation took us four days.

Revitalization of the facade in Sokolnice

In Sokolnica, we embarked on the perfect cleaning and rehabilitation of the twelve-year-old facade. And that was not all - the facade was also treated with impregnation with the addition of a biocide. The final result filled us with pride again. We were especially pleased by the neighbor's comment: "So you're fast, you managed to wash and paint it in one day!" Her words motivate us even more in our work.

​Cleaning the roof in Buchlovice

In Buchlovice in the Zlín region, we turned this meadow back into a roof. We applied chemicals that effectively eliminated mosses and lichens. Subsequently, we treated the roof with an impregnation containing a biocide, which helps to keep the roof in perfect condition for many more years

Cleaning, degreasing and impregnation of the facade in Golden Mountains 

In Zlaté Horá, we carried out a thorough cleaning of the facade, which was heavily polluted by dust and emissions from heating with solid fuels in the vicinity. By using a quality shampoo, we not only made the facade clean, but also degreased it. The next protective step included the application of a hydrophobic impregnation, which reduced the adhesion of dirt to the surface of the facade.

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