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Our story

The company Nano Fusion s.r.o. was established in 2012. You may be wondering what the name Nano Fusion has to do with cleaning facades or roofs? Let's start right from the beginning.


We first dealt with the application of ultra-thin surface layers based on nanotechnology. These layers give completely new protective properties to surfaces. But every surface treatment, be it painting, varnishing, or impregnation, involves a thorough preparation of the surface. Without a perfectly cleaned and degreased surface, any surface treatment is useless.


Thanks to our close cooperation with research institutions, we became part of the research team of the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno, as advisers in the field of surface layers.


We tested countless different types of impregnations and protective layers, and our findings played a significant role in creating the final products that are used today to protect surfaces in the form of long-lasting and weather-resistant impregnations. During this long-term research, we had the opportunity to try a lot of cleaning products for different surfaces and different types of dirt. Thanks to this experience, we know exactly which product and cleaning method to choose for a given type of surface and type of contamination. 

Once we had all the necessary information, we began to apply it in practice. At first, we only tackled small projects, such as cleaning toilets with the subsequent application of nanotechnological protection for easier maintenance, or treatment of stainless steel elements in wellness. Over time, we started to make larger areas, such as facades, roofs, paving, and this has remained with us until today. In addition, we have expanded our activities to include painting various types of surfaces, including facades and roofs.


Today, we're a sought-after company that cleans, renovates and protects what you've worked hard to build. 

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