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Cleaning facades

Professional and effective cleaning of facades from algae, mold, smog and other impurities. Subsequent protection of the facade using nano impregnation with a guarantee of up to 7 years!


Facade coatings

In cooperation with Caparol, we offer facade coatings of the highest quality. A healthy and clean facade without mold, algae and loss of pigment with a guarantee of up to 12 years!


​Cleaning roofs

Cleaning all kinds 

of roofing from mosses, lichens, smog and other impurities. Subsequent protection of the covering with nano impregnation with a guarantee of up to 7 years! We are newly performing impregnation with a revitalizing effect FRESH LOOK!


Roof coatings

Coatings of all types of roofs usinghigh-quality two-component paints. These colors have are equipped  self-cleaning effect. Lifetime stated by the manufacturer is 20 years! 

We clean, renovate and protect what you've worked hard to build. 

Our services include professional roof maintenance, facade washing and interlocking paving cleaning, all of which we perform with the utmost care and expertise. In addition, we also specialize in roof and facade coatings, and we can revive other types of surfaces as well. Whether you need our help with a family home, a huge industrial hall or an apartment building, we are here for you. Our services also include coatings and impregnations. We approach our clients with a friendly and professional approach.


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Completed projects


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Main services:

We will bring back your memories!

'' I had forgotten how beautiful our house looked when we moved in! Thank you so much, you are magicians! ''

 Zdenka K. - Brno

What? Is this our roof?

'' OMG! After all these years, I actually forgot what color our roof was! "

Eduard P. - Buchlovice

Cleaning the pavement NANO FUSION_edited.jpg

Paving cleaning

Deep cleaning of paving and other types of floors.

We remove moss, grease, old dirt.

Subsequently, we treat the pavements with impregnation or reviving coatings.



We remove graffiti from different types of surfaces, for example from concrete, facades, sandstone, bricks, wagons, etc. We apply highlyeffective anti-graffiticoatings with a long service life and resistance. 

Cleaning the ceiling of the industrial hall

Industrial cleaning

We performcleaning industrial halls from floor to ceiling.We clean halls of grease, dust, oils and other hard-to-remove impurities. Work we are able to perform even during operation. We will ensure waste disposal.



Anti-slip treatment which it helps everywhere where there is a risk of slipping on a wet surface. Works on ceramic, granite, marble, patio and now also on linoleum and PVC.

Another services:

This is not magic! That's impregnation!

'' High-quality impregnation of the surface will add completely new properties. First, the surface becomes resistant to water and oil. Another benefit is that its strength increases! ''

  Adam Nytra - owner of NANOfusion

It doesn't slip! It really doesn't slide!

'' This product is truly a miracle! Do you know how many accidents we deal with each year? And you just come and turn our rink into a non-slip pavement and clean it so that it looks like new! ''

 The Head Manager of one of the now safe swimming pools declared :-)

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​Cleaning PV panels

Cleaning PV panels  using chemistry, demineralized water and special brushesWe can gently remove solid dirt, dried droppings from birds or insects, mosses, lichens or pollen deposits. After drying, the surface is free of stains and smudges, which also reduce the performance of the panels. 


Rental of work platform 30m

We now offer the rental of a working platform with a height reachup to 30m and lateral range up to 20m.

Thanks to these above-standard parameters,   The platform haswith a large work basket with a load capacity of up to 400 kg.

Please contact us for more information!

Phone: +420 774 509 409



Cooperation with us is addictively pleasant...

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